Best Quality - Made in Germany

Trimming chutes and smart handling facilities built with all galvanized and powder coated steel. Heavy duty tubes and sheets are very solidly welded. These

outstanding features belonging to the products of DEFI-Woldegk. Paired with extreme low noise and longlife hydraulic and electric motors for enjoying work a very long time.

Our Program:

Handling facilities:


LOSTRE®-Facilities  Drifting cattle into the chute without any stress (Low-stress-modus).

Trimming Chutes:


DEFI® MA 100 The low budget for the Johnny-come-lately.

DEFI®  EL 100  The comfort class.

DEFI® HY 100  The high comfort class.

DEFI® HY 300  The trimming chute completed with hydraulic for professionals.

DEFI® HY 500  The high end trimming chute.

No matter if beef or dairy cattle, into the trimming chute or stunning box, always the same question: How to drift the animals without any problems?



The LOSTRE® drifting system allows a touchless drift without hurting and LOw STREss at humans and animals. Because of the serpentine form the cow gets the illusion she will go back to the herd. She will simply follow her next ancestors.


If there is a stagnation, you have to walk simply on the  balustrade of the LOSTRE® systeme against the direction of the animals. They will start moving immediately, without any shouting, hurting or an electric shocker. Always calm and with low stress.


The advantages are apparent:


  • Higher quality of the beef carcass

  • Increase in throughput performance
    about 70-100 %

  • Reducing stress at humans and animals

  • Minimizing the risk of injuries at humans and animals

  • No drop in milk yield due to claw trimming

  • No immune suppression due to stress hormones

Doesn't matter if it's a family farm, a big operation, or in the slaughterhouse:


With individual solutions and exactly planning by our engineers we will bring your cattle exactly to that point where you want them!


The trimming chutes of  DEFI Woldegk GmbH were born out of necessity. Dissatisfied with the customary trimming chutes, Detlef Findeisen developed in his workshop unique chutes for his employees since 1990. Due to constant use he and his hoof trimmers further developed them continuously.


In 2012 the decision was made to offer these high quality chutes for sale on the market. Therefore a new production plant was built and the trimming chutes of DEFI Woldegk GmbH went into series production.


Products of the DEFI Woldegk GmbH are distinguished by the following properties:


  • Made from galvanized steel, the framework is highly durable strong and long lasting. An additional powder coating for better cleaning is available.
  • High shifted drive and control elements for advanced ergonomics. That allows also the use as a handling facility.
  • Arched hind leg clip for save and gentle fixation.
  • Wide and well cushioned chest straps for save and gentle fixation of the whole animal.
  • Two belts, one at the brisket and one before the udder, enable longterm operations without insulting the cow.
  • The rubber pad makes the floor slipproof and robust.
  • Motors and gadgets in highest quality without any compromises.






DEFI ® 100s series - the trimming chutes for the farmer and semipro


The 100s series possesses all advantages of the DEFI trimming chutes without breaking up the  financial framework. They are optimized for the occasional trimming, operations by the vet, or semiprofessional hoof trimming because of the two-belted-system. You don't have to be afraid about paralysis of the nervus radialis, just even at longer duration.


DEFI ® MA 100 - The Entry-Level Model

  • Quality hand cranks for the hind and front leg and the two-belt-system.
  • Special front leg support with little effort. Safe fixation without distortion. You can simply wrapp bandages or stick wooden blocks without unlocking the leg.
  • Automatic / self-catch (if the cow goes through, the head gate resets itself)
  • Mechanical locking of the hind leg clip
  • Cheap price

DEFI ® EL 100 - The Comfort Class


With electromotor instead of hand cranks for more comfortable claw trimming. Otherwise everything the same like the DEFI ® MA 100.


Flexibility due to fast fixing handcart wich is available for all  DEFI ®  trimming chutes. Also a cradle for front loader or forklift trucks.

DEFI ® HY 100 - The High Comfort Class


Equipped with hydraulic motor, this chute is a connection of comfortable working and high throughput.

This one is especially for bigger livestock operations and for the semipro in hoof trimming.


Speedy and simple operations because of high shifted drive and control elements on both sides.

DEFI ® HY 300 -The Professional


Every moveable component at the DEFI® HY 300 is directed by hydraulic cylinders, ensuring quick working and highest throughput. They are driven by an extreme low noise hydraulic motor. For quietness in the cowshed, tranquility at the cows and at work.



The DEFI® HY 300 is a splendid chute for the professional claw trimmer, if he needs an absolute reliable and very ergonomic implement.


The DEFI® HY 300 can also be used as a vet cattle crush. It allows certain teat surgery, laparotomy or cesarean section, respectively.


Individual requests could be taken into account, of course!

DEFI ® HY 500 - The High End Equipment


The same features as for the HY 300, but in addition till 40 cm more adjustable height.


Comfortable working without arched back.

Other Equipment

We are  dealer and bulk purchaser of all equipments and consumeables need for hoof trimming. Therefore we can give you an attractive offer.


It is definitely worth to ask us!