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Everything in Cattle Claw - All Under One Roof!

The experts in hooftrimming and animal health on cattle farms.

Mühlenblick 7, D-17348 Woldegk (Germany)

Tel: +49 4169 3305 370

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Doing Our Things:

Detlef Findeisen

Bachelor of Hooftrimming (D)

Dr. med. vet. H.-Peter Klindworth

Veterinary Specialist in Cattle (D)

Instructeur bij Rundveepedicure (NL)

United under one roof at FK-Clawhealth - the knowledge of more than 35 years claw trimming on big farms and experience from more than 20 years being a Veterinary Specialist in Cattle

FK-Clawhealth knows, how the cattle claw works:

Our references speak for themselves: The expert knowledge from the world biggest hooftrimming school and company, for the first time and uniquely focused by FK-Clawhealth.

It's requested by governmental institutions, banks and shareholders, agriculture industries, universities and schools, consultants and veterinarians, and last but not  least by dairy cattle farmers.


We care for you all around by creating individual strategies, providing functional hooftrimming with more than 30 licensed claw trimmers, education, presentation, and seminares.


Our offer is completed with trimming chutes and equipment, developed and tested by ourselves.

Four components for a solid foundation:

Why is the claw so important?

About 65 % of culled dairy cows are leaving their herds because of claw diseases, as SHEARER (2007) mentioned. 15 % are culled in the reason of direct problems with the legs, the left 50 % in another reason caused by injuries of the claw.


There is undoubtly no other feature with such inherent influence on the annual removal of cows. Lameness is also strongly associated to low milk yield, animal health, and of course to the economy of a dairy farm.

Who we are:

Decades of practical knowledge and experience with claw health in dairy cows and beef cattle. Two heads, Findeisen und  Dr. Klindworth, and also a good team.

Whether a mega or a family farm, every claw is in good hands by our personal care.

What else?

Fertility in cattle, rearing calves and heifers are further specialties of Dr. Klindworth. Let your livestock also benefit from his longterm educational background.

Some of the farms he permanently supervised belong to the top ten in Germany!


Dr. Klindworth himself managed for several years one commercial heifer rearing operation.

Already in 2008 the extrapolated
305 DIM yield of the primiparous
reached 10.500 kg!


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