successful strategies for a good claw health
Quick success with the right concept!

Governmental institutions and commercial entities are requesting for customer services in claw health by Dr. Klindworth since many years.

Whether supporting dissertations or generating expertises and reports, whether

training employees of pharma or agriculture companies, lectures and discourses, or effective and sustainable advice lines for cattle farms; although particular there is a wide range in his field of activity.

High Return-on-Capital in Cattle Claw


There is an enormous influence of the claw health on the economy of a dairy operation. More than two-thirds of culled dairy cows are leaving the farm due to claw health and lameness. Not seldom survival of the farm is questionable in the reason of problems with the claws. Just even on top farms serious mistakes and faults are often failed to see or were not taken seriously enough. Amazing, because for the most part there are just a little need and a few steps contributed to impressive success.


The rate of return on capital is about 1 : 10 at consulted farms or just even more!

Analysis - Concept - Implementation- Success


About 20 years knowledge in consulting dairy farms and more than 300.000 documented and trimmed cows p.a. - Findeisen & Dr. Klindworth are knowing the subject matter profoundly. Everything will be analyzed, from calf rearing until the producing cows. Because the multi-layered reasons of problems with the claws need a specific examination and determination.

Therefore you must have many years of profound expertise and practical skills.


Expertise and skills are comprehensively and meaningfully united at  FK-Clawhealth!


After thoroughly  determined the specific problems of the livestock operation, every single aspect will be evaluated and collocated in order to his importance and ease of implementation. Especially regarding to personal and financial resources.


Affairs with great effects and little investment needs will have the highest priority, of course!


The most important affair is to warrant a regular functional claw trimming immediately and with a high quality. Only this allowes the cows a safe and stable locomotion in a freestall. Only this guarantees high frequencies at the feeding table and herewith high dry matter intake. And this leads to highest milk yields and best animal health. Only in this way you will avoid new claw diseases.


Claw trimming in the manner of the "elastic model" results in a significantly higher rate of good walking cows, just even after several month!


Of course, therefore you need high-grade trimming chutes and instruments without any doubts. They should providing safety of employees and animals, work facilitation and high throughput.


These conditions are completely fulfilled by the DLG-proven trimming chutes and the equipment used million times over of the FK-Clawhealth company.