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Four Components for a Solid Foundation:

Vier Kuhklauen symbolisieren die vier Säulen der Klauengesundheit

Consulting and Concept


Advice is a matter for the boss!


At the first visit Mr. Findeisen und Dr. Klindworth personally grasp the situation of the livestock on site. They will elaborate a tailored concept for the clawhealth together with the operation management.


Of course, drawing up concepts individually and especially depending on personal and financial scope of the farm.


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Chutes and Equipment


Trimming chutes and equipment- Made in Germany!


Mr. Findeisen and his colleagues developed and enhanced the handling facilities and chutes created by DEFI-Woldegk over many years.

They are produced by handcraft, solely at the production plant in Woldegk - with outstanding German quality.


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Functional Hooftrimming


Functional hooftrimming by E. Toussaint Raven!


The dutch method of clawtrimming is the established international standard.

The "elastic model" created by Dr. Klindworth is significantly superior than this method.


Everyone of the more than 30 hooftrimmers  belonging to Findeisen company is working in order to this model. Annual further education and individual practical training warrant the high quality of their work.


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Lessons and Presentation


Education, seminars and presentations for vets, hooftrimmers and farmers!


. . . and any other interested person.


The concept is based on the 'four step model' for educating hootrimmers, presented 2008 at the International Symposium and Conference
on Lameness in Ruminants in Kuipo, Finland.


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